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Amie Tollefsrud Online Course Academy + Passive Income Academy DOWNLOAD

Amie Tollefsrud Online Course Academy + Passive Income Academy DOWNLOAD

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Embark on an adventure of financial freedom with the Amie Tollefsrud Online Course Academy + Passive Income Academy! Learn how to create products and develop passive income streams that will accelerate your success and expand your opportunities. Take the challenge and reach the pinnacle of financial success!

What You Get:

Online Course Academy

Module 1 – Prep For Online Course Creation
Welcome To Online Course Academy + Overview (6:39)

Increasing Productivity (The 4 Tendencies – Which One Are You?) (6:14)

Types Of Courses/Launches (+ Which is Right For You?) (15:18)

Course Revenue Planning (7:35)

Manifesting Your Revenue Goal (7:08)

Prep For Course Creation (9:05)

Module 2 – Your Profitable Online Course Topic
You Need A Niche (To Sell An Online Course) (17:18)

Choosing Your Online Course Topic (19:35)

Create Your “Unicorn” (i.e. Ideal Student Profile) (11:31)

Will It Be Profitable? (16:39)

Naming Your Online Course (10:58)

Staying Organized During Course Creation (12:29)

Determine your course timeline (5:52)

Module 3 – Cultivate While You Create
What’s Your Teaching Type? (6:38)

List Building 101 (95:05)

Visually Branding Your Course (10:01)

Create A Promotional Plan (Go Get Your Unicorn) (14:37)
Outlining Your Online Course (10:18)

Module 4 – Online Course Creation
Creating Your Slides (+ Template!) (7:45)

Recording Your Course Videos (16:20)

Editing Your Course Videos (13:45)

Creating Course Worksheets (+ Templates!) (3:41)

Setting Up Your “School” (39:10)

How To Create A Membership/Subscription Site (11:20)

What to do if you’re feeling “stuck”

Module 5 – Sexify Your Course (So It SELLS!)
Position Your Course In Market (7:23)

Telling Your Personal Story (Personal Branding) (8:55)

How To Price Your Course (12:16)

Optimizing Revenue and Conversions (8:13)

Module 6 – Launch, Launch, Baby
Get The Partyed (Pre-Launch Prep) (9:12)

Your 5-Part Launch Strategy (80:54)

Increasing Urgency In Your Launch (5:53)

Pre-Sale Strategy (13:13)

Crafting A High-Converting Sales Page (45:46)

Module 7 – The After Party
Keeping Up With Your Course/Students (4:22)

Recap Your Launch + Pivot (6:10)

Turning Students Into Cheerleaders (Affiliates) (9:14)

Refunds + How To Deal

Plan Your Next Launch (3:49)

Become an OCA affiliate! (2:32)

Module 8 – All Your Tech Tutorials
Setting Up Your Google Drive Folders (1:40)

Trello Tutorial (5:46)

How to set up a landing page in SS (32:37)

How To Set Up Link-Triggers in Convertkit (3:29)

How to Edit Slides in Canva (2:21)

How To Record Videos Using Screenflow (2:34)

How To Edit In Screenflow (5:27)

How To Record Using QuickTime (1:10)

How To Edit In iMovie (2:07)

How to Edit Course Videos in Final Cut Pro (1:41)

How To Edit Your Course Worksheets Using Canva (3:41)

Accepting Payments (Via Stripe + PayPal) (2:00)

Excluding ‘Students’ From Your Sales Sequence (3:10)

How To Set Up An Automated “Welcome” E-mail To New Students (3:41)

How To Set Up ‘Drift’ On Your Sales Page (4:52)

How To Create Affiliate Links (3:01)

How To Create “Coupons” In Teachable (2:06)

How To Make A Course “Mockup” Graphic

How To Create Audio Files (0:49)

How To ‘Tag’ Students (3:29)

How to Connect ConvertKit with Squarespace (48:05)

**How to Create a Landing Page in LeadPages** (not necessary – but looks very professional) (5:01)

ConvertKit 101 with Sue – Setting up account, Segments, Tags, Broadcasts and Sequences (20:46)

How to Add Captions to Your Course Videos (2:59)

Set Up Your School in Kajabi (in case you choose to) (27:03)

Unlock the knowledge of Amie Tollefsrud with her Online Course Academy and Passive Income Academy. Receive expert guidance and access to her successful practices on how to create and launch your own online course and passive income streams. Overcome the challenges of business development with confidence and clarity.

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