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Angela Giakas Art Of Influence DOWNLOAD

Angela Giakas Art Of Influence DOWNLOAD

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Angela Giakas Art Of Influence is the perfect way to increase your persuasive abilities. Learn the techniques used by the world’s most influential people to create compelling arguments and make your message memorable. Gain practical methods to influence decisions and expand your influence far beyond the boardroom. Discover the art of influence with this must-have download.

What You Get:

Module 1: It’s About Mindset

Learn how to develop the right mindset for success on social media and overcoming limiting beliefs.

Turn your self doubt and into strength as we go through each step towards putting yourself in the best mindset, building your confidence on camera and shutting out negativity.

Module 2: Developing your personal brand

Having a strong personal brand is crucial to your overall success and audience perception.

…because after all it’s what defines your account.

It’s here when you’ll start carving out your specialized niche, and work on building a strong brand & target audience.

Bonus materials:
✔ Finding your personal brand worksheet

Module 3: Photography & Videography

Learn about all the equipment (and secret tools) you’ll need to create the best content.

In this module, I'll be going though how to shoot & create content, including what's in my camera bag, how to edit photos and apply presets, and which equipment I believe is worth investing it.

Bonus materials:
✔ 10 Lightroom presets from Presets by Angela
✔ Instagram photo & video editing tools

Module 4: Content Relation

Start creating powerful content that actually resonates with your audience.

Deep dive into which types of content can do exactly that, the methods I use to keep a consistent flow of fresh content and build a cohesive feed.

Bonus materials:
✔ Instagram content planner
✔ Instagram photoshoot planner
✔ 50 story stickers

Module 5: Growth Strategies

Want to decode the algorithm and build a profitable & engaged audience?

You’ll be learning my tried and true methods I used to grow my social media accounts to over half a million followers (yes, all organically!)

This module will also cover how to create viral reels.

Bonus materials:
✔ 50 Reel ideas perfect for any niche
✔ Instagram story covers to help promote your reels
✔ 100 hook ideas to convince people to keep watching or reading your content!

Module 6: Monetize & Work with brands

It’s time to start making money!

I'll be covering how to build the perfect media kit that appeals to brands, the ins and outs of working with your favorite brands, becoming a pro at negotiation, how to convert your collaborations into paid work, collaborate with hotels, as well as my personal rate chart so you'll always know when & how much to charge.

Bonus materials:
✔ Customizable Media kit template
✔ Rate chart
so you know exactly what to charge brands
✔ 9 Email templates for pitching & negotiating
✔ Best influencer networking platforms to sign up for & start making money TODAY!

Module 7: Ensuring success

Now that you’re landing collaborations, we have to make sure they’re successful.

I’ll be covering how to stay on top of your collaborations with my personal collaboration tracker.

Never misread a contract again as I go though exactly what to look out for.

Ensure all of your partnerships are a success (which goes beyond just the content you provide) so brands keep on coming back for more!

Bonus materials:
✔ 2 Invoice templates
✔ Collaboration tracker to keep on top of all your partnerships when they start rolling in

Discover the power of influence with Angela Giakas's Art Of Influence! Unlock the potential of persuasive communication and take charge of your career with this 8-part course. Get ready to make an impact!

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