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AWAI How to Write Blogs for Yourself and Clients DOWNLOAD

AWAI How to Write Blogs for Yourself and Clients DOWNLOAD

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Discover the secrets to crafting effective blogs with AWAI - How to Write Blogs for Yourself and Clients. Our extensive online course covers a wide range of topics, including how to find new blog ideas, how to engage readers, and how to write with SEO best practices in mind. Learn the essential writing skills to become a successful blogger today.

What You Get:

Part 1 is all about Laying a Strong Foundation for my blog…

I'll meet the experts… come to know exactly what a moneymaking blog is (and isn't)… learn how to set goals for my blog… understand what units (and separates) profits and passion… what it takes to be a great blogger… the skills I should focus on… why blogging is relevant (and needed) now more than ever… how to find clarity and focus when choosing my blogging niche… and much, much more.

Part 2 shows me how to Set Up My Blog…

Foundational “musts” like choosing the right domain name… getting set up technical on the right platform… must-ask questions before choosing any service… how often I should publish… the ideal length for my blog… ways to ensure I never run out of story ideas…and more.

Part 3 is all about Writing Great Blog Posts.

Here's where I'll discover the structure of the most popular blog formats… “rules of thumb” for writing great blogs from the master bloggers… the Power of One… how to stay on topic… how to write great headlines… the importance of a strong promise… how to engage my reader… find my voice… write a great close… the importance of vulnerability, staying relevant, and “being present” for my readers… getting my reader to “take action”… and much more.

Plus, there’s an entire lesson dedicated to reviewing modern-day blog posts — so I can see how all the writing techniques I’ve just learned are applied in real-life examples.

In Part 4, I’ll learn how to Build My Audience…

using organic search engine traffic, social media, and relationship building.

I’ll discover the best tools I need to make identifying SEO search words and phrases a breeze, the very best ways to connect with publishers and industry influencers so they will want to promote my blog, and more.

Part 5 is all about Making Money from My Blog—

whether it’s monetizing my own blog through ad networks, sponsored content, affiliates, offering my own products and services… or writing blogs for clients and using my own blog to land them.

347 “Ready to Steal” Blog Topic Ideas…

The perfect report if I’m never stuck for a blogging niche or article ideas! In addition to 347 specific blog topic ideas I’m free to “steal” — I’ll learn how the most successful professional bloggers look at the world and find new blogging and story ideas in the most unexpected places…

The Technophobe’s Guide to Launching a Blog

I love the fact that I won’t be “slowed down” with any of the technical stuff involved with setting up a blog. In addition to what's in the program, The Technophobe's Guide to Launching a Blog will help me every step of the way — from getting my blog's URL… to choosing a hosting service… to deciding between hiring a web designer or going the DIY route… to selecting an email platform… and more. Here, I’ll get the answers I need to build an “A-level” and profitable blog!

10 Successful and Highly Paid Bloggers Share Their Secrets to Earning Six or Even Seven Figures Through Blogging

I can only imagine the amazing insights I’ll learn from in-depth interviews with 10 of the most successful bloggers writing today — bloggers who, combined, have millions of loyal readers every month and earn tens of millions in passive money every year!

Make your mark online with AWAI's How to Write Blogs for Yourself and Clients! Learn the skills you need to write compelling blogs that stand out from the crowd. Take your passion for writing to the next level and earn extra income- all with the guidance of this powerful course. Get started now!

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