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Ben Adkins The Google Docs Funnel Advanced DOWNLOAD

Ben Adkins The Google Docs Funnel Advanced DOWNLOAD

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Grow your business with Ben Adkins' The Google Docs Funnel Advanced. This comprehensive guide will help you build effective funnels on Google Docs and grow your business to the next level. Wield the power of Google Docs to get sh*t done like a boss!

Part 1: The Technology Setup Behind the “Google Doc Funnel. You’ll Discover the simple (and cheap) software that we use to put together the funnel as well as see exactly how we piece everything together to go from start to money in our account.
Part 2: The Sales Psychology Behind the “Google Doc Funnel”. You’ll Learn exactly why this funnel is so enticing and why it gets so many leads and buyers to say “Yes”.
Part 3: Dr Ben’s 10 Page “Google Doc Funnel” PDF Creation Secrets. You’ll Learn exactly how to create Value packed PDFs that leave buyers satisfied, happy, and wanting more from your company.
Part 4: The Traffic Strategy Behind the “Google Doc Funnel”. You’ll Discover exactly how to drive traffic fast to any funnel that you set up using a simple and duplicatable formula.
[Advanced Only] How to Make Money offering “Google Doc Funnels” as a Service in Your Agency.
[Advanced Only] How to get your “Google Doc Funnel” clients without having to cold call or cold message clients and without having to ever leave your house.
[Advanced Only] Dr Ben’s Done-for-You “Google Doc Funnel” Template Package.

Discover how to build advanced Google Docs Funnels with Ben Adkins' comprehensive course. Learn how to create high performing funnels using Google Docs, optimize pages for conversions, and more. Get the skills to become a Google Docs Funnel expert today.

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