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Ben Adkins Website Agency Secrets DOWNLOAD

Ben Adkins Website Agency Secrets DOWNLOAD

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Discover how to start and scale a successful website agency with Ben Adkins' Website Agency Secrets. Learn the insider strategies for generating leads, closing deals, and growing your business. Take the leap and achieve success today!

What You Get:

Part 1: The Math and The Weekly Workflow Behind our 6 Figure Website Hosting Business. We’ll go behind-the-scenes and give you a 10k foot view of exactly how this business model works and how you can build this business in as little as an hour a week.

Part 2: Where to Find the Perfect Customers for your Website Hosting Business. You’ll get an inside look at the 5 minute process we go through to find small businesses that fit the “ideal client” criteria for our hosting business.

Part 3: Our Private Website Hosting Business Reach out Script and Warm up Method.You’re getting the Exact Script and Process that we use to reach out to our ideal clients to get their attention and set up our short sales pitch.

Part 4: How we Easily Close Website Deals every week with a facebook message and demo site (our pitch).You’re getting access to the exact online sales pitch that we send our potential website hosting customers. You’ll also see the exact demo site that we use to showcase what their site will look like.

Part 5: The Full Walkthrough of the tech that we use to run our Website Hosting Business. (and how it makes it all easy). We’ll walk through the exact tech stack that we use to easily (and cheaply) host and manage all of our customer’s sites.

Part 6: How we Onboard our Website Hosting Customers, get them up and Running Fast, and structure the Contract. You’ll see exactly how we quickly onboard each client and make sure that they stick around.

Ben Adkins’ Website Agency Secrets is an authoritative guide to starting and scaling a website agency. It covers the nitty-gritty details of agency operations, such as onboarding new clients, setting up contracts, and creating successful campaigns. Highly detailed and illustrated with real-world examples, this guide provides an invaluable resource for digital marketers and agency owners.

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