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Ben Settle CopySlacker DOWNLOAD

Ben Settle CopySlacker DOWNLOAD

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Ben Settle's CopySlacker DOWNLOAD is an essential tool for any marketer who wants to create compelling copy quickly and easily. This comprehensive resource provides you with the time-saving templates, scripts, and copywriting formulas you need to craft persuasive copy that drives conversions, guaranteed.

Some of What You’ll Learn:

A fast and effective way (taught by sex therapists to men with erectile dysfunction) to get over the “blank page hump” and kill writers block dead. (Page 143)
How to create nearly instant belief about you and your product in your copy if you’re just starting out and nobody knows who you are. (Pages 148-149)
How to use your competition’s product testimonials to sell YOUR products. (Page 42)
A memory training technique that can get your prospects daydreaming about the product you’re selling, and sometimes even unable to get it out of their heads! (Page 75)
An admittedly weird (but super effective) way to sell wildly expensive products with just one or two sentences! (Page 98)
How to make even the most outrageous and hyped-up claims sound 100% believable. (Page 64)
The “bragging without bragging” sales letter secret (seen in many old Kung fu movies) that lets you boast about your products, services, or yourself without sounding like an arrogant douche bag. (Pages 89-90)
An old school door-to-door sales tactic that can make people want to buy products they didn’t even originally want! (Page 48)
An old-time “adage” that can help you create such an intense urgency to buy in your ads that people’s hands may even literally shake trying to type their credit card info into the shopping cart! (Page 13)
The “house of horrors” method to quickly digging up gold nuggets of valuable market research… and also…

Accelerate your copywriting journey with Ben Settle's CopySlacker! Use action verbs & motivating language to create compelling copy with ease. Take control of your content & conquer any project with confidence. Go ahead - be brave and take the plunge!

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