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Brett Williams Productize Yourself DOWNLOAD

Brett Williams Productize Yourself DOWNLOAD

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Brett Williams' Productize Yourself DOWNLOAD offers an industry-expert guide to help you take your unique skills and create an in-demand product or service. Learn how to package and market your expertise to build a successful business.

Full-time or part-time
Build a team or go solo
Keep it ASAP (as simple as possible)
You can make it without a following
Why you’re starting the first place
Niche down, or not
How to position yourself
You don’t need a big budget
Define your packages
What should I charge
Building a strong portfolio
Designing a killer site
Choose your tools
Managing payments
Common mistakes to avoid
Pitch effectively
Finding your first client
Never work for free
Build in public
Don’t underestimate communities
Creating micro-resources
The 15 min sales call
Overview of my process
Communicating with clients
Operate without meetings
Upselling customers
and more!

Transform yourself into an in-demand product with Brett Williams' Productize Yourself DOWNLOAD. The thought-provoking content and actionable advice will help you make the most of your career and become an essential asset. Pass the risk-taker test and unlock your potential today!

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