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David Mills, Mike Long Clockwork Machine DOWNLOAD

David Mills, Mike Long Clockwork Machine DOWNLOAD

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"Clockwork Machine" by David Mills and Mike Long: take an adrenaline-fueled journey with this high-octane track! Blending wailing synth leads, driving bass and bold percussion, it'll get your heart racing and inspire you to take on any challenge.

Clockwork Machine
Program goes live March 2022 with live webinars every Friday afternoon (the triumphant conclusion to your week!)

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Training on the following topics:
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Conversion – how Eric is closing over 40% of demos

Product – how we manage client expectations and communication to increase retention, referrals, and upsells

Experience the combined brilliance of David Mills and Mike Long with Clockwork Machine. This revolutionary audio processing plugin offers an unprecedented level of customizable sonic manipulation. Get precise control over volume, distortion and EQ with over 1,000 audio parameters and intuitive user interface. Unleash your creativity and let Clockwork Machine take your sound to the next level.

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