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Derek De Mike The SMMA Blueprint DOWNLOAD

Derek De Mike The SMMA Blueprint DOWNLOAD

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Start your journey to becoming a successful SMMA with the Derek De Mike Blueprint! Get real insights from his experience and take bold steps towards financial freedom. Download today and get started!

What You Get:

All of our Legal Agreements, Sales Scripts, Client Meetings Guide, and Much More!

We have spent over $20,000 + a lot of time learning things the hard way. We are going to give you everything that we have when it comes to scripts, documents.. you name it!

Bulletproof Ad Template: Our crazy simple strategy that kills it for our client campaigns!
Our Client Meeting Guide: Our secret sauce that enables us to close 95% of prospects we speak with
All of Our Funnels: One click install and done!
​Our Proposal Template: Literally follow along and use our exact, proven, proposal methodology that clients can’t say no to!
​All of our Legal Agreements: Literally everything that you need to start and run your business!
Much, Much More!


Welcome To The SMMA Blueprint
Who we are and our professional background
Our 50k a Month Agency & Why It’s Possible For You
Your existing knowledge about SMMA and how it gives you an advantage in this business


The SMMA Blueprint Methodology
The SMMA Quick Start Checklist – Get your agency live in 48 hours or less!
How to Incorporate Your Business The Right Way
Setting Up Your Agencies Brand – How to get all your designs, logos, and more to get an unfair advantage in from prospects!
Setting Up Your Agencies Website – How to Make it Cost-Effective, Easy to Maintain, and Look Impressive
Setting Up G Suite and Your Agencies Email
Business Banking – What to think about when choosing your bank
Solutions to receive invoices and take payments for services online
Cash Flow Management – How to Manage Cash Flow so That Your Agency Doesn’t Become a Statistic
Running payroll for your business – How to Pay Yourself the Right Way
SMMA Legal Agreement – Your Agencies Legal Contract to Have Clients Sign
SMMA Forecast Tracking and Document
Setting Up Your Agencies Brand – How to get all your designs, logos, and more to get an unfair advantage in from prospects!


SMMA Sales 101
The SMMA / Social Media Marketing Agency Sales Process
Profitable niches and where to find them
Hustle – Mindset Training for SMMA Success
Cold Email Scripts That Win
Game changing books and lessons learned
Handling the gatekeeper
Cold email and cold calling
Client Meeting Guide (Sell ANY Client on your services)
INSTANTLY prove your VALUE with this simple “Put the Money on the Table” technique
The Psychology of Sales – Eliminate Resistance and Win More Deals
Using Mail Merges to Scale Your Outreach – HUNDREDS of E-mails and meetings on AUTOPILOT!
Our Favorite Tool for Getting Emails, Automating Sequences, and Setting Appointments Seamlessly
Objection Handling – Overcome any objection business owners throw at you!
Audits During Cold Outreach
Setting expectations and pushing for the close
Creating the Proposal That Wins Every Time
Pricing your services
Pricing Calculator – How to charge what you are worth and without hesitation
The One Call Close – SEAL THE DEAL!
The Proposal Explained – Our entire process to closing the deal
Kick-off / On-boarding Checklist – You’ve closed the deal, what next?!


Fulfillment Services Overview
Facebook Ads Welcome
The #1 Thing That Will Determine Your Success
How to set up a new ad account – Facebook ad best practice
Campaign Objective Overview – What campaign to use and when to use it
The Pixel – How to set-up and leverage campaign data for amazing client results
Creating Lookalike Audiences to 10x results for 10% of the cost!
Discovering the Ad Competitions – Ad hacking 101
Targeting – How to target the interest and demographics of your ideal customers
Split Testing – How to quickly and easily optimize your campaign performance!
Setting Campaign Rules to Automate Your Campaign Management
How to write the PERFECT ad – Grab out exact formula that we use for every campaign
Key Phrase Template – Spotting Trends Early When First Running Ads
The Breakdown – Metrics that matter for monitoring your campaigns
Facebook Leads A-Z (LEADS on Autopilot) full automation set up
How to Create Instagram “Swipe Up” Story Ads for your clients
How to Scale – Increase ad spend and results without destroying your CPA!
Live FB Ad Review
Google Ads – Intro Lesson – Why you need to use them
Google Ads – Strategy Overview – Branded Keywords, Competitive, and Long-Tail
Google Ads – Ad Account Creation and getting advertiser access from your clients
Google Ads – Conversion Tracking on Clickfunnels
Google & Facebook Conversion Tracking on Shoppify
Google Ads – PPC Set up
Google Ads – Negative Keyword Sweeps
YouTube Ads – Masterclass
Email Marketing for your customers
Tools for Social Media Management
Fast Social Media Management with Hootsuite and Lightroom
Leveraging Social Engagement
Retargeting – Step by Step to Maximize Profits with Minimal Effort and Spend!
Reddit Advertising Tutorial
Snapchat Advertising


How t

Discover The SMMA Blueprint created by Derek De Mike to help entrepreneurs and marketers learn the process of setting up and building a profitable Social Media Marketing Agency. Features eight modules, including Podia, Zoom, and video tutorials. Learn the strategies and tactics for scaling, creating, and executing successful campaigns.

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