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Digital Marketer The New Email Follow Up Machine DOWNLOAD

Digital Marketer The New Email Follow Up Machine DOWNLOAD

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Digital Marketer is an advanced email marketing tool, designed to help optimize and automate your email follow-up campaigns. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, you can easily craft campaigns that get more opens, clicks, and conversions. Drive more sales and engagement with Digital Marketer!

What You Get:

Turn Strangers into Friends with a Fully Customized Indoctrination Campaign

Launch an “Indoctrination Series” that makes a positive first impression and skyrockets the open rates of future emails
Take a page from real-life conversion examples like Angie’s List, Shinola, and SeaVees to see how well they stack up against your campaign
Swipe our copy-and-paste templates to make writing your emails quick, simple, and nearly impossible to mess up

Tailor Your Conversion Campaign to Fit Your Business’s Revenue Goals

Move your new subscribers to the “buy” phase as quickly and seamlessly as possible with our proven email templates
Leverage the 4 types of Conversion Triggers & when to deploy each to maximize revenue without “burning out” your list
Uncover the key conversion elements your campaign must include—like how to help your reader overcome their own objections

Optimize Your Campaigns For Best Possible Reach & Maximum Engagement

Discover the 4 types of subject lines that demand to be opened (PLUS: Swipe 30+ examples of “killer” subject lines for your own campaigns)
Stack your conversion series with bolt-on offers that reconnect you with “stubborn” customers who didn’t convert the first time
Grade the impact of every facet of your campaign (from subject line to call to action) with our “8-Point Automated Email Follow-up Series Audit”

Finally, a process you can implement today to nurture and convert your subscribers into the buyers of your core offer!

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