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Erin Balsa The Research Report Playbook DOWNLOAD

Erin Balsa The Research Report Playbook DOWNLOAD

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Learn the strategies for creating and managing research reports more effectively with Erin Balsa's The Research Report Playbook. This concise and informative guide provides expert advice on how to identify and research key topics, create compelling visualizations, and implement best practices. Get the knowledge and skills to confidently create research reports and make an impact!

What You Get:

Lesson 1: Intro Course

Welcome + objectives

Lesson 2: Planning + Project Management

Organizing all the moving pieces + setting clear expectations

Lesson 3: Data Collection + Analysis

Securing an audience, writing questions + analyzing raw data

Lesson 4: Report Writing + Design

Turning an outline into a polished report

Lesson 5: WebDev + Tracking

Setting up campaign tracking + QA

Lesson 6: Organic Promotion + PR

Generating attention + leads

Lesson 7: Paid Promotion

Planning ads + writing ad copy

Lesson 8: Sales Enablement

Helping sales have more productive conversations

Lesson 9: Post-launch

Analyzing results + making process improvements

Lesson 10: Monetization

How to sell research reports to clients

Lesson 11: My Writing Process Deep Dive (Bonus)

How I do data storytelling, step-by-step

Erin Balsa's Research Report Playbook is your go-to resource for confidently executing research reports that yield powerful insights. Take the plunge with this ready-to-go resource that challenges you to push the boundaries and think differently. Start today for results you can trust!

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