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Farid Askerov Video Sales Academy PRO DOWNLOAD

Farid Askerov Video Sales Academy PRO DOWNLOAD

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Go further than you ever have before with Farid Askerov's Video Sales Academy PRO. Take the challenge and unlock the secrets to creating effective sales videos. Reach the top of the sales game and open a world of opportunity!

Module 1 – Lead Gen & Confidence 101

Trust 101
Lead Gen Strategies (Networking and Direct Outreach)
How to Approach Networking Events
How to get Repeat work, Referrals & Testimonials

Module 2 – Before the Meeting: How to Prepare

Discovery Form & Calendar Integration
Red Flags (Avoid Tire Kickers & Time Wasters)

Module 3 – Running the Sales Meeting

Sales Mentality
How to Set Up a Powerful Sales Conversation Immediately at the Start
The ENTIRE Sales Meeting Process – Start to Finish
Value Based Pricing
FOUR Useful Videos to Sell, when to Sell them & how Much to Charge
Easy Retainer Videos – How to Pitch & Close $2K+ per month recurring revenue projects

Module 4 – Sales Call Recordings & Deals Closed

$6,500 – Brand Video – ZOOM Recording
$10,000 – 2x Testimonial Videos – ZOOM Recording
$10,000 – What to do When Clients Push Back – Closing a Deal over Email
$13,300 – Multi-Video Deal – IN PERSON Recording
$30,000 – Multi-Video Deal – ZOOM Recording
$60,000 – Detailed Breakdown of the Proposal that Beat 5 other Video Companies
The Video Vault: All of my video projects over the last 4 years released by industry and video type. Show these to your potential clients. Let me help you close the deal.

Module 5 – Answering Questions from 50+ Students

How I tripled income from Year 1 to Year 2
Do I need to niche?
Do I need a portfolio to sell projects?
Feel like you could have charged your client more?
….and many more common questions

Farid Askerov's Video Sales Academy PRO offers the latest sales techniques to maximize your revenue. Get access to exclusive video lessons, learn from industry experts, and take your sales performance to the next level. Discover the tools to transform your business today.

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