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Jeremy Miner 7th Level Communications DOWNLOAD

Jeremy Miner 7th Level Communications DOWNLOAD

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Jeremy Miner's 7th Level Communications DOWNLOAD provides an in-depth exploration of modern communication tools. With practical knowledge and scientific principles, this download helps you increase the impact of all your communications. Learn to effectively use body language, vocal brand, story-telling, and more from the leader in communication training.

Take a look at how Josh Bak built a store from zero to $800K+ in sales in a few months
In this Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint, our Head of Shopify Josh Bak pulls back the curtain on his successful Shopify brand that he took from zero to $100K/month. See every step along the journey.

What’s Included?
Full walkthrough of the store’s journey from zero to $800K in sales.
Product Research: How Josh found the product/came up with the idea for the store.
Store Buildout: A complete demonstration of store buildout with step by step instructions.
Facebook Ads: Live ad account walkthrough showing all campaigns – what worked and what didn’t.
Scaling: How Josh scaled the store from a few hundred a day to over $100K/month.
Store Automation & Fulfillment: A complete demonstration of how Josh automated order fulfillment as well as customer service, managing cashflow, and more.
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Experience Jeremy Miner's exhilarating "7th Level Communications" course! Learn practical strategies to improve communication and create deeper connections with others. Take your conversations to the next level with this fun and challenging download!

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