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Jon Loomer Custom Event Mastery DOWNLOAD

Jon Loomer Custom Event Mastery DOWNLOAD

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Make your mark in the events world with Jon Loomer's Custom Event Mastery. Get the complete toolkit of actionable advice to help you plan, create, and manage inspiring events with confidence and skill. Step up your game -- and your impact -- today!

Learn the basics of custom events:
What Custom Events Are and Why They Matter
Setting Up Google Tag Manager
Setting Up the Base Pixel with GTM
Questions to Ask Yourself About Events to Create
Add Variables
The Basic Elements of Custom Events and GTM
Test Your Events

Learn exactly how to create custom events:
Internal Link Click Event
External Link Click Event
Time on Page Event (Simple)
Time on Page Event (Complex)
Scroll Depth Event (Simple)
Scroll Depth Event (Complex)
Referral Event
Embedded YouTube Video Engagement Event
Combination Event
Other Events to Consider
Parameters and Custom Conversions

Learn how to leverage these powerful events:
Custom Events and Reporting
Custom Metrics Using Custom Events
Custom Events and Optimization
Custom Events and Targeting

Designed by industry expert Jon Loomer, Custom Event Mastery is a practical downloadable guide to creating powerful and effective custom events within your business. It covers how to properly plan and implement successful events and maximize the event's impact. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the nuances of the custom event process and increase success.

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