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Kieran Drew High Impact Writing DOWNLOAD

Kieran Drew High Impact Writing DOWNLOAD

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Kieran Drew's High Impact Writing course teaches you the fundamentals of powerful writing in a few easy steps. Learn how to create compelling content through comprehensive course material that covers topics like sentence structure, grammar, and more. Improve your writing prowess and stand out with this course.

How to stop worrying about your niche… and the 3 things to focus on instead
Why Twitter (or X) is still the best platform for a creator
The tiny difference that makes marketing either slow and painful or effortless and enjoyable
Why aiming for authenticity holds you back… and what to shoot for instead
What to do when you want to write about multiple topics

What’s more, you’ll get a skill most creators overlook (or get wrong all together):Understanding your reader.You’ll learn:

A small ‘trick’ to instantly know who to write to… and how this leads to building your dream business
How to avoid the ‘big creator with a tiny income’ trap
How to use the ‘Success Story Framework’ to understand PRECISELY what your audience wants… and how to give it to them

Module 2:
How to write scroll stopping short form content

How to use the 3 pillars of magnetic writing to pull followers into your world and convert them into fans
My little trick for making Twitter easy (Alex Hormozi swears by this)
How to use the StoryTweet framework to share stories every SINGLE day… even if you’re a beginner storyteller!
How to write tweets that ooze with curiosity and emotion… including line-by-line demonstrations
The ‘Sexy Sentence Toolkit’ that’ll help you pack a punch with powerful statements (and keep people coming back for more)
Two questions that guarantee you’ll become a personality in your niche (and 2 ‘little tricks’ I use to do it right)
How to use the ‘inside joke method’ to make your audience build your brand FOR you

Module 3:
How to hook and hold attention with long form social content

The only 7 types of long form content to focus on for the biggest impact
What the best writers do BEFORE they write to make their content slick, simple, and engaging
My step-by-step process to writing threads in MINIMAL time WITHOUT sacrificing quality
A little trick to master writing heavy hitting viral hooks fast
The blueprint to keep people staring at your body (copy) and transform your writing into a ‘slippery slope’
A ‘Thread Action Plan’ breaking down how you can go from nobody to authority in as little as 90 days… I’ll literally tell you what to write!

Module 4:
Accelerate Your Authority

The 7 steps for building in public the right way… (turn your audience into your cheerleaders)
How to use data to rapidly improve your ideas, writing, and build a unique message
LIVE examples of how to turn 1 great tweet into 10 using the ‘Hall of Fame’ technique
The HIDDEN data point most creators ignore that will help you get more followers with a SINGLE tweet than your most viral thread content… (this feels like cheating)
Why ‘word of mouth’ marketing is gold dust for your business… and 4 simple tactics to get it right
How to build unique frameworks using the ‘Why. Who. How. What.’ framework
How to ‘coin a term’ behind your brand so you stop competing in your niche and become one


The Writer’s Handbook

I know how tough it is when you’re struggling for ideas and inspiration, so I’ve put together an epic resource to help you out.The writer’s handbook includes:

Over 100 videos of me critiquing thread hooks for my clients so you can QUICKLY and EASILY pick up on big mistakes and craft hooks that go viral (because many of these have)
Thread and tweet templates PROVEN to get great engagement so you never struggle with writer’s block again…
My personal writing checklist so you can master writing faster (you can literally print these and have them by your computer)
Video breakdowns of the psychology behind my top 10 most viral pieces of content so you can spice up your writing (including one that got 150,000 likes and 10,000 followers overnight)
3 rules for seriously engaging stories… including a video breakdown of my best one
A step-by-step walkthrough for how to build your Hall of Fame so you can store your highest performing content and repurpose it into tweets, threads, emails and products (this is my most important asset and will be for you too)


How to build an audience on Twitter

I hate being the guy who grows on social then sells how to grow on social, which is why High Impact Writing focuses on skill instead.But I've also built a pretty sweet audience on Twitter so I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't share my secrets.You'll get:

A Twitter growth plan depending on if you have 0, 100, 1000, or even 50,000 followers (because yes, this time, size DOES matter)
How to build a killer bio so you don’t lose out on thousands of followers, including the only two things you MUST show in the first 10 seconds
My ‘Engagement Made Easy’ method for ANYONE who hates social media and wants it to be as effortless as possible
How to write comments that don’t suck and get your favorite accounts to follow you using my ‘hit list’ method
How to ‘Nail Your Network’ and build relationships with the right people (this is a system I’ve taught many smaller accounts to build their presence fast)
How to build

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