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Michael Oliver How to ‘Sell’ The Way People Buy! DOWNLOAD

Michael Oliver How to ‘Sell’ The Way People Buy! DOWNLOAD

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Unlock the secret to radically increased sales with this downloadable set of training materials from Michael Oliver. With powerful action verbs and an inspiring, bold tone, this will help you challenge yourself and reach your highest selling potential. Take the risk and experience success today!

How to ‘Sell’ The Way People Buy! The #1 Proven Approach To Increase Your Sales Without Friction, Tension Or Resistance Using Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue This complete online course walks you through step-by-step how to have your potential
1. Introduction
3. Nobody Likes Being Sold
4.7 Success Tips
Lesson 1 -9 Essential Basic Sales Skills
1. Essential Basic Sales Skills!
2. Skill #1: Your 3 Primary Objectives
3. Is There A Problem?
4. What They Want And Why They Want It
5. Establishing Their Level Of Desire And Commitment To Change
6. Skill #2: 4 Ways A Conversational Dialogue Can Start
Lesson 2 – Your Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue Frameworkter
1. Your Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue Framework
2. Addressing The Possible Elephant In The Room!
3. It’s About Them – Not About You!
Lesson 3 – The Connecting Stage
1. SMART Pre-Planning
2. 10 Ways to Start Conversational Dialogues Without Tension
3. You Had Me At Hello!
4. Creating Your Own Personal Value Impact Statement
5. Outline a Problem
6. Outline Your Solution
Lesson 4 – The Discovering Stage
1. This Is Not A Linear Approach!
2. The Approach Never Differs.
3. Using Closed And Open-Ended Questions
Lesson 5 – The Discovering Stage Cont…
1. Discovering Stage Questions
2. Background Questions – BQ
3. Needs Awareness Questions – NAQ
4. A Financial Advisor Example
5. Needs Development Questions – NDQ
6.Values Centered Needs Development Questions

Michael Oliver's How to ‘Sell’

The Way People Buy! is an essential training program for sales professionals who want to excel. Learn how to understand and meet customers’ needs, close more deals, and develop better relationships. Get the skills and knowledge you need to take your sales career to the next level.

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