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Mike Long, Alex Gould Green Gold (up to 05/2023) DOWNLOAD

Mike Long, Alex Gould Green Gold (up to 05/2023) DOWNLOAD

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Mike Long and Alex Gould's Green Gold is a comprehensive digital download of stunning aerial drone footage. Captured between 2020 and 2023, this download showcases the beauty of nature and the power of technology with stunning 4K resolution clips. Enjoy the highest quality aerial videography now!

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Traffic & Conversion


From the desks of: Alex Gould and Mike Long,
Miami, Florida

I, Alex, still remember the day, about 10 years ago, when ecom affiliate marketing clicked for me. It’s funny; you know how when something clicks in your mind, it probably doesn’t sound all that profound when you try to explain it to somebody else? But, for yourself, that “click” makes such a difference!

So, even though it may sound anti-climactic when I try and say what I came together for me, here is what it was: you are trying to assemble targeted organic traffic, with conversion, together with a product. And for ecom, you can mostly just cut-n-paste product description text plus pictures, for conversion. The big thing was targeted traffic, which revolved around finding the right key-phrases to focus on from Google along with expert coaching on how to rank (search engine algorithm optimize). So, I really focused on mastering researching the useful key-phrases to focus on. And then it came down to finding a product that had an affiliate program and that targeted visitors wanted to buy.

Well, on the one hand, for the next 5 years, that turned out to be mostly correct, although I underestimated how much one of those parts – the product – would involve me metaphorically rolling a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back down. I did make good profits, even as high as $86,000 per month, but over and over and over, either the specific product or the entire affiliate program, would end up going away for various reasons – mostly related to the integrity of the people behind the products/programs.

I’ve experienced first-hand how heartbreaking and frustrating it is to build up a website (or multiple sites) for an affiliate product, only to have them cancel either you, for no reason, or cancel the entire program or product line. Green Gold is built to be evergreen! Production and demand for CBD, Delta 8 and 9, and other hemp-based products is here to stay, and my whole point in offering this program is to give you something that you can rely on for years to come.

You see, in 2018, I started a journey that eventually changed everything, taking it all to such a next level that it hardly seems real, and it has now reached a point where I've teamed up with Mike Long to help you smash through the two big stumbling blocks that I had to spend years struggling through.

One, I still remember what it was like before the traffic and conversion aspect of ecom affiliate marketing clicked for me. We want to make that “click” much easier – like clockwork – for you, in this mastermind. It IS clockwork for us now, and by plugging into our knowledge, confidence, guidance, and systems, it can be for you as well.

Two, we're so proud to be able to allow mastermind members an exclusive license to plug into Green Gold, the product line (and thousands of avg 4.9 star reviews) that I've developed, spent tens of thousands doing hundreds of lab tests for, training employees to handle our shipping (so that, for you, you get all of the benefits of plugging into drop-shipping done for you)… all while you get a 50% commission on sales of Green Gold via your own website that you'll be walked through the exact creation of. That 50% commission you'll get (while our end-buyer retail customers are getting an awesome value and price as well) is something I'm so proud to be able to offer, because I was ALWAYS stuck sub 30% as an ecom affiliate myself, even in the best programs available (and often lower).

Here’s Specially What Is Yours as a GG Mastermind Member:


You plug into all of our past (and future) stellar reviews that we’ve earned over the past 5 years. My original brand, Mr. Hempflower, has created the Green Gold sub-brand (Green Gold by Mr. Hempflower), with its own website and product packaging, exclusively for sharing this mastermind and license opportunity with you, so you can have things so much easier than what I had to go through.

(For retail customers of the hemp products, the word “Gold” refers to gold-standard product quality. For Green Gold mastermind members, it refers to affiliate profits!)

We dropship for you, and you get a 50% affiliate commission on each sale from the website we walk you through setting up. Green Gold is excellent lab-tested quality for a fly-off-the-shelves price. I've tested hundreds of farms for about $200 per lab test (spending over $40,000 in total, so you don't have to), and narrowed our sourcing down to just 4 high-quality farms who have decades of experience with hemp-growing . Quality hemp products are inherently in constant demand

Discover the thrill of the game with Green Gold! Download now for Mike Long and Alex Gould's ultimate challenge, perfect for risk-takers looking for excitement that lasts up to 05/2023!

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