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Mushfiq Sarker Newsletters for Niche Sites Course 2023 DOWNLOAD

Mushfiq Sarker Newsletters for Niche Sites Course 2023 DOWNLOAD

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This course, created by renowned digital strategist Mushfiq Sarker, provides an in-depth exploration of email newsletters for niche sites. Learn how to create compelling content, build relationships with subscribers, and use email to maximize revenue. Get the complete guide to email newsletters for niche sites today.

What You Get:

Newsletters provide an EXCELLENT way to diversify against Google updates.

They allow for community building, and higher valuation multiples when exiting, and the subscribers can be nurtured over time where you can sell them multiple products/services.

Since 2019, I’ve developed 4 successful newsletters that are making mid-6 figures in profit annually, and are worth 7 figures in valuation.

This course summarizes my expertise in newsletter building. The course includes:

Pros vs cons
Business model
Tech setup newsletter
Optimal Newsletter structure
Newsletter content
Newsletter Sponsorship Pricing, finding sponsors, ad types & optimal locations
Acquiring newsletters & next steps
Case Studies
Common questions (send frequency, etc.)
Bonus #1: Google Doc media kit for The Website Flip

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