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Nicola Moors Brand Voice Baller DOWNLOAD

Nicola Moors Brand Voice Baller DOWNLOAD

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Discover Nicola Moors – Brand Voice Baller and take your brand voice to the next level. Discover powerful strategies, tactics, and insights to create a stand-out brand voice and push your company to success. It's time to rise and take your branding to the highest heights. Download now and get ready to baller!

What You Get:

7 modules of bite-sized training videos so you have a simple process and exercises to add personality to copy, nail brand voice and write copy that feels more human (& like your client)
Over-the-shoulder walkthrough videos to see how I do it
My coveted interview and survey questions to ask your clients the right questions to find their voice
Real-life brand voice guide so you know exactly what they look like
A plug-and-play voice template so you can spend more time on voice and less on formatting
Step-by-step workbooks packed with exercises, prompts and tools

BONUS: Unlock your story vault…

A bonus training and workbook designed to pull out your best stories so you can use them strategically to reel in customers.

You’ll use The Grandparent Test to ask the right questions (and I’ve given you some of my favorite ones too!).

✔ Choose your language purposefully and intentionally, so you can scrap your thesaurus (and defend EVERY single word)

✔ Snag my framework to write your client’s brand voice guide so you can look like an organized rockstar and like you’ve got your copy shit together (oh, and save you a shit ton of time)

✔ Uncover how to find the right messaging for each project in a system that can be repeated over and over

✔ Differentiate your clients from their competitors AND turn their brands into unforgettable, client-attracting machines

✔ Intentionally choose both language that resonates with your client AND their audience because brand voice is more than just whether your client says ‘cos or cause

✔ Grab my cheat sheet to measure voice with scientific precision (not guesswork) so you’ll never have to wing it again

Discover the powerful potential of Nicola Moors' Brand Voice Baller. Get access to an exclusive collection of pre-written narrative phrases and soundbites designed to help you articulate your brand's values transparently and effectively. Craft stories that captivate your audience and bring your brand to life.

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