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Ning Li Zero To $5K Copywriting Course DOWNLOAD

Ning Li Zero To $5K Copywriting Course DOWNLOAD

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Improve your copywriting skills and open up a world of opportunity with Ning Li's certified Zero To $5K Copywriting Course. This comprehensive course includes over 30 hours of materials to teach you the fundamentals of copywriting and how to make an income as a freelance copywriter. Learn from an experienced industry expert and make your copywriting dreams a reality.What You Get:

WEEK #1: Copywriting 101

How To Write Your First Email Promo: I’m going to show you how to research your first product to create your first promotion email campaign.
The First Lesson Of Copy: This one lesson will beef up your copy skills like nothing else (Over 90% of freelance copywriters DON’T know this!)
Do Your Damn Research: This training teaches you how to do proper research before writing a piece of copy (By the way: Most copywriters have no idea how to research. Some don’t even do research at all!)
How To Edit Your Copy Like A BOSS: Did you know a simple edit in your copy can boost conversions like crazy? In this module, I’m going to show you how to do just that.
High Income Copy Templates: I’m going to equip you with proven copy templates that have sold over $30 million worth of products
How To Spot & Use “Copy Ingredients”: I’m going to show you how to spot and use the same “copy ingredients” used by Eugene Schwartz, Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga and other marketing legends for your own ads and promos.
And Much More!

WEEK #2: Get High Paying Clients

Land Clients With Zero Experience: I’m going to show you how to build a high-converting job profile that attracts high-paying clients like honey attracts grizzlies!
Upwork Client Training With Lucas Mills: Multi-6-Figure Copywriter Lucas Mills is going to show you how to attract high-paying clients on sites like Upwork!
The Checkpoint System: Cover every base imaginable in your copy with this powerful checkpoint system (This puts business owners at ease when they hire you)
Client Trainings With Lucas & Austin: My friend Austin heard Lucas was doing a training on how to find high profile clients — so he decided to join the party! (Mind you, Austin is ANOTHER multi-6-figure copywriter who has a wealth of knowledge to share!).
And Much More!

WEEK #3: Bulletproof Mindset

How To Adopt The Bulletproof Mindset: How to develop the right mindset to attract the clients and income you truly deserve.
Letter To Your Inner Child: With this template, I’m going to show you how to undo the emotional blocks around money, boundaries and more that stem from your childhood.
The Brent Method: A method based on the teachings of Brent Charleston, I’m going to show you how to erase the internal fear that’s currently stopping you from getting the clients you want.
Visualization 101: How to use visualization to evaporate the biggest emotional triggers stopping you from success.
And Much More!

WEEK #4: Game On!

Action Time: With everything you’ve learned I’ll show you how to consistently apply for the jobs you want (instead of settling for un-fun gigs for money).
Copywriter Feedback: Not getting responses fast enough? I’ll give you the feedback you need to course-correct and get better results fast.
Copy Training Recordings: Learn from recordings of previous trainings I’ve done with copywriters of all levels.
Apply What You’ve Learned: We’re going to practice everything we’ve learned so far; from email writing, research, and editing your own copy (Practice makes perfect, after all!).
Group Feedback: I’ll be grouping you with other students who are on the same road you’re on to greatness. Here, you’ll be held accountable by me and your peers to practically ensure your success.
And Much More!

WEEK #5: How To Respond To Prospects & Clients

Responding To Clients: By now, you should be having clients respond to your emails and messages. I’m going to show you EXACTLY what to say to help you land your first project (if you haven’t already!)
How To Price Your Copy Services: I’ll show you how to accurately price your copy services, so you never feel like you’re selling yourself short again.
Knowing When To Charge Lower Fees: I’m going to show you when it’s okay to budget.
How To Get Positive Testimonials From Clients: The more effective your client testimonials are, the easier it will be to attract more clients! I’ll show you how to properly ask for high-converting testimonials for your clients.
And Much More!

WEEK #6: Long Form Sales Copy Part 1

How To Break Down A Long-Form Video Sales Letter: I’m going to show you the inner-workings of a high converting sales letter (the BIG money is in long form copy projects!)
The Long-Form Direct Response Template: I’m going to give you the proven long-form direct response template I personally use to write heavy-hitting sales letters and scripts.
Long-Form Sales Letter Research: This step-by-step process is going to separate you from the rest of your competition (and clients are going to love you for it!)
And Much More!

WEEK #7: Long-Form Copy Part 2

PLANNING: From big ideas to unique angles, I’m going to show you how to plan out and execute a long form sales letter.
Write Your First Long-Form Sales Letter: Using what you’ve learned, we’re going to craft your first long-form sales letter for your portfolio!
And Much More!

WEEK #8: Putting It All Together

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