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Simon McFayden Bitsgap Accelerator DOWNLOAD

Simon McFayden Bitsgap Accelerator DOWNLOAD

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Experience accelerated trading success with Simon McFayden's Bitsgap Accelerator! This powerful software puts you in control of your trading strategy, with detailed market insights and advanced trading features to help you make the most of your trades. Take your trading game to the next level!

What You Get:

Module 1
Grid Trading Fundamentals

1. Grid Trading Fundamentals
2. Fixed & Trailing Grids
3. Take Profit & Stop Loss Fundamentals
4. Coin Pairs & Investment Splits
5. Grid Relationships
6. Minimum Investment Amounts
7. Exchanges & Fees
8. Bitsgap & S-Bot Walkthrough

Module 2
Launch & Strategy

1. Smart Launch Strategy
2. Understanding Profit & Loss
3. Trailing Up Deep Dive
4. Stop Loss Strategy
5. Trailing Down Deep Dive
6. Take Profit Strategy

Module 3
Coins, Grid Strategy & Back Testing

1. What Makes a Profitable Bot
2. Optimum Grids
3. The Right Way To Test Your Grids
4. Defining The Optimum Grid

Module 4
Finding Coins, Fundamental & Tech Analysis

1. Finding Coins
2. The Sniff Test
3. Fundamental Analysis
4.Technical Analysis
5. Analysis Walkthrough

Module 5
Bot Optimization, Performance & Troubleshooting

1. Portfolio Performance Tracking
2. Identifying What To Trouble Shoot
3. Troubleshooting Underlying Loss
4. Troubleshooting Bot Profit
5. Re-gridding
6. Closing Bots

Module 6
Goal Setting & Grid Bot Trading Psychology

1. Goal Setting
2. Setting Up Grids To Achieve Your Goals
3. Ways To Diversify Your Portfolio
4. Grid Bot Rules & Psychology
5. Bot Launch & Portfolio Plan
6. Beginner Strategy & Simulation

Take your trading to the next level with Simon McFayden's Bitsgap Accelerator. Accelerate your gains with an unbeatable combination of cutting-edge tools, performance optimization and risk management strategies. Achieve your financial goals today!

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