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Stephanie Gilbert All Systems Scale DOWNLOAD

Stephanie Gilbert All Systems Scale DOWNLOAD

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Stephanie Gilbert's All Systems Scale is an invaluable tool for improving sound production quality. Dive deep into the fundamentals of audio production with step-by-step lessons on equalizing, compressing, level balancing, and more. Enhance your projects with tips from a 20-year pro.

All System Scale!

3 foundation system for social media managers who want to build a sustainable, profitable business.

By the end of this program,
you will have:
✓ Established a rock solid foundation in your business that will allow it to operate smoothly & efficiently on a daily basis, no more flying by the seat of your pants

✓ Created a suite of branded agency documents, enabling you to provide a streamlined & professional experience to existing & future clients (regardless of what stage of business you’re currently in)

✓ Developed a seamless workflow for on-boarding contractors & team members into your business, ensuring everyone is on the same page from day one

✓ Established a repeatable, organized process for every service that you provide to each of your clients on a daily, weekly & monthly basis

✓ Set up proven systems that will allow you to scale your business, eliminating stress & unnecessary overwhelm–giving your business the opportunity to reach the next financial level, faster!

Beyond that, All SYSTEMS Scale! will give you the clarity & confidence you need to finally step out of the role of “employee” in your business & into the position of Social Media CEO.

Enroll now & get on-demand access to:
($3997 Value)
✓ 3 modules, with over 30 video lessons, that will walk you step-by-step through setting up the foundation of your business, so you can onboard clients & team members more efficiently and operate your social media management business with ease.

✓ All of the email swipe copy, pre-made workflows, and customizable agency templates that you need to complete these systems–all you have to do is update the branding with your logo, colors & fonts, then plug them into your existing business.

✓ Plug & play Trello boards for all 3 Signature Systems ready to copy & paste, so you can hit the ground running like a legitimate remote social media agency within only a few hours of completing each module.

Module 1
Client Acquisition & On-boarding
When you consider the time & energy required to consistently market your business in various channels, vet & reply to incoming emails, take discovery calls, create & send proposals, then edit, negotiate & follow up on those proposals–it's a heck of a lot of work.

If the client accepts your proposal, once you’re finished dancing around the room, the work of on-boarding begins, which can be incredibly time-consuming, especially if you don’t have an efficient system in place.

It’s time to stop making things up as you go or reinventing the wheel with each new client.

This lesson will show you how to go from acquiring a new lead to converting them into a paying client in one smooth process.

Once you’ve completed this section, you’ll have an efficient, organized & repeatable system for your business, making the entire experience easier & more enjoyable for both you & all of those new clients!

This module will cover:
Determining your ideal client & creating irresistible offers for them
Attracting & qualifying new leads for your business
Nailing your discovery calls
Sending service proposals
Creating a seamless customer journey from start to finish
Module 2
Team On-boarding

With only so many workable hours in day, trying to scale your business alone is the fastest way to hit a financial ceiling or reach total burnout. However, by outsourcing your most time-consuming tasks, the tasks outside of your zone of genius, or the tasks you no longer want to do, you can give yourself back the hours you need to bring on new clients, work on the big picture parts of your business, or to simply hang out and enjoy the free time & additional income.

Whether you plan on hiring your own employees or only want to work with contractors–having a system in place to seamlessly bring new people into your business is critical.

Developing a smooth process for on-boarding your team members allows you to clarify expectations & make sure everyone who works with you feels like they’re set up for success.

Your Team On-boarding System will take someone from a prospect to a new hire. In this lesson, we will dive into all of the moving pieces that go into building your dream team so you can scale your social media business to the next level.

This module will cover:
Outsourcing & prospecting
Training & following up with your team members
Developing your company culture
Creating a seamless team member journey from start to finish

Module 3
Customer Management
The final set of systems you’ll need to have in place is your Client Management System. This is a BIG ONE, as it encompasses every one of the day-to-day operating workflows that you’ll use to manage the services you offer your clients.

As you’re likely to be managing multiple clients on multiple platforms, this system is going to become the foundation of your entire business–ensuring your workday is much simpler while saving you time!

This is also the system you’ll use to train new te

Explore the depths of your guitar-playing with Stephanie Gilbert's All Systems Scale! Over ten hours of video lessons will push you to the limits with challenging drills, thrilling licks, and a whole new view on scales. Unlock new levels of mastery and take your playing to the next level!

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