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Youri van Hofwegen Automation First Academy DOWNLOAD

Youri van Hofwegen Automation First Academy DOWNLOAD

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Unlock your automation potential with Youri van Hofwegen's Automation First Academy! Take the leap and start building smarter, faster automation processes that will revolutionize your workflow. Challenge yourself to reach new heights with Youri's expert guidance and resources! Download now and take your automation to the next level.µ

What You Get:

Did you know it’s possible to outsource the ENTIRE video production for your YouTube Channel?

You DON’T Need To Show Your Face
You DON’T Need To Write A Script
You DON’T Need To Do The Voice Over
​ You DON’T Need To Do Video Editing
​ You DON’T Need To Make A Thumbnail

Do you want your own video team that does all the work for you?

I’ll teach you exactly how, using all my formulas! Here’s what you’ll learn..

​ Break down your video format
​ Where to find your team
​ Build a FULL video team (Script, Voice, Editor, Thumbnail & Manager)
​ Automate your workflow (My Formula)
​Scale your video production
This will enable you to..

​ Work ON your business (instead of in your business)
​ FREE up your time
Earn passive income
​ Work whenever & wherever

Course Contents

Curriculum 1: Introduction
Curriculum 2: Content layers
Curriculum 3: How to build your team
Curriculum 4: How to scale teams
Curriculum 5: How to set up your workflow
Curriculum 6: How to stay in charge
Curriculum 7: Watch me build a team (Live on camera)

Youri van Hofwegen's Automation First Academy is an online training program providing students with the tools to become professional automation engineers. Developed for professionals, the course is tailored to industry standards and educational best practices. Learn key skills in automation, data collection, and system architecture to become an automation pro.

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